Eliminating war is impossible!  Why try?

Why try to do the impossible?


  • Belief is a choice – we choose to believe it is possible to eliminate war

                          anyone who believes it’s impossible will never try

  • The number of people killed in wars has grown three-fold each century since 1700

                          continuing the way we are means over 500 million killed this century

  • Global cost of war in 2014 (a moderate year) – $14,300,000,000,000

                          5 times (in real terms) the average annual cost of World War 2


                          and that’s before ...

  • Climate Change effects kick in

                         will everyone share inadequate resources, or fight over them?

  • Exponential Automation kicks in – artificial intelligence, 5G networks, quantum computing

                        your current job is? ... and your next job will be?


          The solution of the wealthy – go to Mars, or at least buy a property in New Zealand

           We could go on, but you get the idea ...


                       at best we have about 20 years, after that it will be too late

The real question is …

Why is it so hard to end wars – why have so many past efforts failed?

That’s part of what we have been figuring out